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    Thigh Reduction Surgery, Essex

    This procedure treats excessive skin on the inner thigh.

    Why does this condition occur?

    Patients may develop loosening or wrinkling of skin on the inside of the thigh following severe weight loss and/or as part as the normal process of ageing.

    Why do patients seek treatment for this condition?

    Patients want to improve the appearance of their thighs and reduce wrinkling on the inside of the thigh and surplus skin and fat above the knee. There is a practical as well as cosmetic aspect to this treatments as they may also suffer chaffing as the inner thighs rub against each other; sweating during warm weather may also exacerbate the discomfort.

    What does surgery for this condition involve?

    Treatment under general anaesthetic involves removal of excess skin and fat on the inner thigh; the residual scar is usually well hidden in the groin and inner thigh.