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    Cosmetic Surgery Patient’s experiences

    As an experienced UK cosmetic surgeon, Mr Makarand Tare always act in the best interest of his patients keeping safety and satisfaction as the only objectives while treating patients.

    Following are some thank-you quotes from grateful patients:


    I’d like to thank Dr Makarand Tare for the abdominoplasty surgery, he has done on me. After two caesareans and a very big first baby I had a pouch which could never be lost. No matter what diet I did and how much weight I lost, it would never go.

    Due to the pouch (and suffering with eczema) my scar was permanently covered, which meant it was regularly getting infected. Which meant it was itchy, wept and often had a not very nice smell too. No matter how much I showered, towel dried and hair dried my caesarean scar it regularly got infected. After numerous Drs appointments, & prescribed steroid ointments and Anti -fungal creams this persisted.
    Partly due to my stomach muscles not working anymore from having such a big child first time round, alongside the tummy tuck, my muscles were tightened & liposuction of my flanks too. I am extremely pleased with the after effects of this surgery now. As I can shower as normal, the infections have stopped and I can comfortably wear clothing that I never dreamt I could wear. Thank you once again for this treatment and to the amazing care I have received from start to finish from Mr. Tare and the staff.

    Happy new year to you and your team

    Kind regards

    Nicki Essex

    December 2022


    I decided to have a breast reduction after years of pain and discomfort, I became so self-conscious over them it was starting to affect me mentally. I was finally in a place to be able to have it done so I took the plunge. I was doing my research and found Mr Tare on Top Doctors site, and with a quick response time I was having a consultation in no time.

    The process from start to finish was great, I felt well informed and comfortable at all times, and with Mr Tare’s involvement it felt very personal. Most importantly I felt in safe hands, which was important to me as I was very nervous at times.

    Words cannot describe how pleased I am with the outcome, I feel so much more comfortable and confident all thanks to Mr Tare.

    Thanks again for everything


    December 2022


    I had an overall great experience with my consultants. Both, Mr Tare and Mr Maheshwar, were very informative and helpful guiding me through the whole journey from the consultations to then the surgery and aftercare.

    I am very pleased with the results of the procedure, which has now helped me to like the way that I look so much more compared to before.

    Thanks again for everything

    Nat Essex

    November 2022


    After being unhappy and insecure with my inverted nipples and finally having the opportunity to have surgery, I found Mr Tare online. The consultation was arranged quickly and it was easy and quick, with all the information discussed. Around 3 weeks later, Mr Tare arranged a date for our surgery, so the process was fast moving.
    My day at the hospital couldn’t have gone better- it was easy, reassuring and the surgery felt simple and I’m happy I was able to see my new nipples during the surgery.
    Post op, my experience was fine- I had no infection and was healing well.
    I am now super happy with my results and am so relieved that Mr Tare was able to give me the results I wanted. I’m very happy with my experience.

    Best Wishes,

    El in Essex

    December 2022


    Dear Mr Tare,

    I don’t have the words to begin to thank you enough for what you have done. Since the age of 15, I struggled with my eating habits which led me to drop 2 stone very quickly and my breasts started to sag.

    When I started going to the gym and becoming a healthy weight, this became much more noticeable. I spent years hiding in baggy clothes, tight sports bras and feeling so insecure, not ever wanting to leave the house.

    Since the initial consultation, you were professional and reassuring and informative with all the risks and benefits involved in the procedure.

    The procedure itself went ahead with no complications. The post-op care was phenomenal, including regular check-ups and a standard of care I have never experienced like it.

    I am finally able to go out with my friends wearing tops I never thought I would be comfortable wearing. I finally feel as if they are in proportion to the rest of my body. You have undoubtedly changed my life for the better.

    Mr Tare is an amazing, professional surgeon, obviously has years of experience and prioritise patient’s best interest foremost. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you. From the beginning to 3 months post-op, you have been amazing.

    I highly recommend Mr Tare to anybody considering any sort of surgery. Kind regards


    April 22


    Dear Mr Tare,

    I can’t thank you enough for the excellent procedure, aftercare, and outcome in replacing my breast implants. My first meeting with you in your clinic I was so very nervous and anxious, but you explained the procedure in detail which put my mind at ease. The post-op care from yourself whilst in the hospital was excellent. The follow-ups and outpatients' visit to yourself was also first class once again. I am very happy with the outcome of my procedure and I can’t thank you enough as you have made me a new woman. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of having the same procedure.


    Pam in Essex


    My journey with Mr. Tare began back in 2020, after having a consultation regarding a Nevus on the tip of my nose. After much thought, I decided to have Rhinoplasty, as well as the Nevus, removed. I had researched Mr. Tare and felt very comfortable having him conduct the operation. The operation was a full success, although the Nevus could not be removed at this stage as Mr. Tare felt it would be better to remove it at a later stage. So in February 2022, I went to the Oaks once again and had the Nevus removed. Mr. Tare was very kind and considerate towards me, and the care after was excellent with many follow-up appointments. Now I am a different person, I have had fun poking at me for many years about my nose as it was large and hooked, and to make things worse I had a Nevus on the very tip. Now I feel and look better and it has given me more confidence.

    A big thank you to Mr. Tare.

    Kim from Essex (March 22).


    Dear Mr. Tare

    I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you so much for my new nose!
    The fact that I can breathe so much better and now have a perfectly straight nose has made me feel so much better. My husband now appreciates a silent night's sleep and I always look in the mirror with a smile on my face because of how much better I look. It is amazing how you have made it look natural as well and it fits my face perfectly. The service I have received throughout from you both has been outstanding and would 100% recommend you.

    Thank you again.

    Jade in Essex March 2022.


    -Hi Dr Tare,

    I just wanted to say how happy I am with the whole process of having surgery with you. I was really quite anxious as I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first experience having cosmetic surgery and I couldn’t of asked for a more patient thorough doctor. You made everything very easy to understand and took a lot of time and patience with me to make sure I was happy. I wanted slightly bigger than what was advised but I am so glad and grateful I had a surgeon who used his expertise and told me to not focus on the size but what is right for my own body. The whole process from start to finish has been relatively painless and I am so happy with the size. The scarring is so minimal and I would always use you for any surgery or advise in the future as I could not be happier. My friends have taken note of who you are for their own surgeries in the future as they think they are perfect natural, pert and round without the fake look. I am so glad I found you and your work is amazing thank you for looking after me and making it all so easy !

    A in Essex. 06/01/2022.


    I decided to have a labiaplasty because I had Large Labia which affects my daily activities, It feels Irritated every time I wear jeans or go cycling, I also have reoccurring labia cysts/boils from extensive daily friction which I need to take antibiotics every other month.

    I booked my first consultation with Mr. Tare, he is very patient and explained everything about the procedure and the recovery process. After the surgery, I recovered very well and feel so much happier now with the results.

    Mr. Tared has done a brilliant job and performed a very successful labiaplasty surgeries.

    I am very grateful for being under the care of such a capable doctor. Thank you for performing this surgery, I feel much happier and confident now. Would strongly recommend Mr. Tare. Thank you again!

    Kind regards

    Tracey 28/12/2021


    I’m so glad I chose Mr Tare to do my surgery. I have always been so self-conscious of my nose. Mr Tare listened to me and was caring and considerate throughout the whole process; from consultation right through to after-care and follow up appointments.

    He was very responsible and was careful to ensure that having the procedure was the right thing for me at this time in my life. I had 100% confidence that he would do the best job he could to address the concerns I had about my nose.

    He listened to my wishes and made them a reality! I am so relieved and feel that I now have a feminine nose that suits my face and personality. I have so much more confidence and would always recommend Mr Tare to anyone who is considering a Rhinoplasty procedure.

    Thank you so much, again.

    Kind regards,

    Mo in Essex

    31st August 2021.


    I had a bilateral breast augmentation with Mr Tare. He was very professional from start to finish, he made me feel extremely comfortable from the first consultation through to my final post op check-up. As I was unsure about what I needed, I felt very comfortable following Mr Tare’s advice. The surgery went extremely well and I am very happy with the results, they look very natural and the size is perfect.

    Thank you, Mr. Tare

    Amb in Essex ( 15/11/2021)


    March 2021

    After being diagnosed with a malignant skin tumor to my left nostril. After some research, I picked Mr Tare for the removal, and reconstruction procedures. I found Mr. Tare , and his team extremely professional and dedicated throughout my procedures. I am extremely pleased with my results and would have no problem recommending Mr. Tare to anyone seeking Plastic Surgery.

    Thanks for the wonderful job...Ken Essex.


    February 2021.

    I am so happy with my results! I couldn’t have asked for a more natural-looking procedure. I have always been uncomfortable with how my breasts look but now my confidence has been well and truly boosted. Mr Tare is an amazing, honest and trustworthy surgeon who has worked wonders from start to finish!

    CM Essex


    January 2021.

    I recently had the Septorhinoplasty done by Dr Tare after years of breathing issues. From the first time I met Dr. Tare, I knew I would be in safe hands. His honesty and ability to explain the process to me and also recognizing the issues of my nose were exceptional. He always promised me to do his best and I had every faith in him. The nurses who looked after me were very helpful and attentive. I was discharged the next day with all the necessary stuff and instructions.

    I saw Dr. Tare a week later for follow up and he answered all my questions and made sure that my recovery went well. He also explained the taping process and the recovery process going forward. I cannot say a single bad word about my experience with Dr. Tare, and the hospital staff. Dr. Tare's ability to change my life and my breathing quite literally is something I will always be forever grateful for. I hope everyone who helped me along the way is recognized for their hard work and dedication towards every patient they treat.

    Thank you Dr Tare and the hospital staff.

    'S' Essex

    Dear Mr. Tare

    11th April 2020

    RE: Septorhinoplasty – 18th January 2020

    It’s been 12 weeks since my operation today, so I thought it would be a good time to write and thank you immensely for the superb work you carried out.

    It took me a long time to decide on whether to go ahead with Septorhinoplasty, considering the recovery time and trauma, but I disliked my nose so much that once I decided that I did want to proceed, you were the only surgeon’s hands I would consider putting my face with! Having experienced your amazing work previously, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

    3 months into recovery, I am still amazed and immensely grateful that you have been able to make my once awful nose look so pretty and feminine. I am beyond pleased with the results.

    Mr Maheshwar has also made breathing through my left nostril a breeze!

    Once again, thank you and I will be sure to continue to recommend you.

    Kind regards


    Mr Maheshwar

    31st January 2020

    Dear Mr Makarand Tare

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your staff.

    You have demonstrated your total commitment to caring for me. You and staff have been incredibly supportive and helpful before and after my procedure.

    I am over the moon with my results from the 'Tummy tuck' procedure.

    Once again Thank you and your staff.

    Ms Sarah, Essex

    Tummy Tuck Patient

    Good evening Dr Tare.

    Thank you so much for your kind call. I was not expecting that but at the same time after all that I read and learned about you both as professional and as well as a fantastic human being it is not a total surprise that you go above and beyond your duties when it comes to your patients. Your principles of integrity and your main concerns for your patient's interests and safety are well showed and very clear through the message you have left. I will be forever grateful for all your care and attention with me and I will never forget that there are still doctors that can see the person behind the patient.

    I know you had work in some humanitarian/ aid fields and I would be more than happy to help in whatever you need to help others.

    I really want to thank you so much for your care and it seems that words not even begin to do it but please be sure I will be eternally grateful for all you are doing to help me.

    Thank you again for everything and have a nice evening.


    M Essex

    January 2020

    A very caring doctor.

    Prior to my septorhinoplasty experience, my nose was arched and drooped at the tip with a dislocated septum which contributed to difficulty breathing and sinus issues. Mr Tare thoroughly explained the procedure and post-operative expectations. After my surgery, I had follow up appointments to check the healing process of my nose, which I am overwhelmed with. The arch, droop and septum have totally been reconstructed with brilliant results. I can’t recommend Mr Tare enough. Thank you Mr Tare . December 2019.

    My Rhinoplasty by Mr Tare

    -Dear Mr Tare

    I was recommended to have my BA with Mr Tare by a family friend who was really happy with his work. I was put at ease straight away from my first consultation, he explained everything in great detail. I wanted to have this surgery to give myself confidence. It’s been a month later I feel great, they look good and I feel more confident within myself. I would highly recommend.

    Georgia Essex.

    -Consultant Plastic Surgeon

    June 3, 2019

    -Dear Mr Tare,

    I wanted to say thank you again; the operation has made a huge difference to my life. I am very pleased with the outcome; I couldn’t have chosen a better consultant and am extremely grateful.


    -Breast Reduction Surgery

    Mr Tare

    -Thank you, thank you, Mr Tare. The breast reduction carried out by yourself has changed my life. No longer do I have deep ridges in my shoulders and sores under the breasts. The breasts look fantastic, symmetrical and perfect. I would recommend the procedure and yourself without hesitation. April 2012.

    Sandra Essex.

    -Breast Reduction Surgery

    -Good afternoon Mr Tare,

    hope you are well. I have recovered well from the bust reduction and are more than pleased with the results, it has made such a fantastic difference to my self astern and confidence in what I wear. I would like to come and see you for a chat and advice regarding my face lines and turtle neck, also heavy eye lids.

    Sandy Essex

    -Breast Reduction Surgery

    -Just a quick note to say thank you for doing a wonderful job on my breast reduction and I am delighted with the result. Thank you again and best wishes.

    K from Essex

    -Breast Reduction Surgery

    -Dr Tare,

    Thank you very much for the `bust reduction’ you performed on my daughter. I have never seen her so happy and smiling. I wish, we had come to you earlier.

    Mother of a patient.

    -Breast Reduction Surgery

    -After having one breast much larger than the other, Mr Tare did an excellent job of doing a breast reduction on the larger one. I honestly couldn’t be more happy with it, I feel like a new person. It looks fantastic and matches the other one perfectly. I can’t even describe how grateful and happy I am to Mr Tare for doing such an amazing job. Thank you Mr Tare, I now have much more confidence and I’m extremely happy with the job you did.

    Miss L Essex.

    -Breast Reduction Surgery

    -My breast enlargement has given me more confidence, not only do I feel great on the inside, I look great on the outside. Thank you so much. ..

    Tanya Essex

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    -Dr Tare,

    Thank you so much. I feel like a new woman ( after my boob job) and I am so happy.


    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    -Recently just had my breast augmentation and am very pleased with the results. Mr Tare was professional and thorough when talking me through my consultation, explaining everything in detail. He made me aware of the precautions and reality of what I could have done, for example: correct size implant for my individual body shape/size taking my health and safety first at all times. I was well looked after while in hospital and still in touch with Mr Tare team, as they still keep in touch to ensure everything is okay even a few months after the op. I would highly recommend Mr Tare to any one considering surgery as you won’t be disappointed in the service you receive.

    Emma from Essex

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    Mr Tare

    -Mr Tare if I had known that this `boob job’ will have such a positive effect on my life, I would n `t have wasted last five years just thinking about it. Thank you from my heart for changing my life.

    SR Brentwood

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    -After spending all of my late teens and adult life unhappy with the size and shape of my breasts, I had my first consultation with Mr Tare in November 2015 for a breast enlargement.During the consultation process I was immediately put at ease by his honest, realistic, clear and concise approach. Mr Tare took time to explain his recommendations as well as the procedure and aftercare. I had surgery in late November and I am absolutely delighted with the result and finally feel confident about my body. The care that i received throughout consultation and surgery right through to aftercare and follow up was outstanding.

    Mr Tare is a truly skilled surgeon and a credit to his profession.

    Emma Essex

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    -Dear Mr Tare

    -I am so incredibly happy with the results of my breast surgery. Mr Tare is a fabulous and exceptional surgeon who put me at my ease every step of the way and gave me every confidence in his abilities. He chose a size which suited my body and build and has strong ethics in terms of not allowing an over large implant to be used. My implants turned out more beautiful than I could have wished for! There was no gap between them and no sign of the edges of the implant despite my hollow chest! They look amazing and totally natural! I would recommend Mr Tare if you are thinking of going ahead with surgery especially if you are a bit nervous about it as he really knows his stuff. He most definitely makes your dreams come true! I feel like a new woman!

    Once again, Mr Tare, my Husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful work. I really do feel like a new woman and I love my new shape as it suits my body perfectly. Everything is healing very well in time for our wedding and it will be wonderful to feel full of confidence this summer on the beach and for our honeymoon.

    Mrs J Essex

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    -Dear Mr Tare

    Surgery: December 2016 I recently had a breast augmentation done by Mr Tare and wanted to express my thanks and gratitude. His level of care was outstanding from my initial consultations right through to my post-operative checks. My initial consultations were very informative, he went through everything in detail and I came away feeling like I had been given clear honest advice. The day of the surgery Mr Tare was lovely; he took his time and made sure I was ready and comfortable both before and after surgery. It is now 3 weeks after surgery and I am beyond happy with the results of my breast augmentation. Mr Tare was very clear in all my after care and as a result I have healed very well, the results even after 3 weeks are more than I would have hoped for. I would happily recommend Mr Tare to anyone, I have already recommended him to my friends and family, it has been a positive experience from start to finish and the results of his work and care are clear to see.

    Zoe, Essex

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    -I had a Breast Lift and replacement implants done on the 25th August 2015 at Springfield’s hospital with Mr Tare. I felt the need to send an email to just say how impressed I have been with the process from start to finish. Meeting Mr Tare, made me feel relaxed. He listened to what I had to say and with his professional and exceptional work he has made me one happy lady with the results so far. Which is only 2 weeks post op. And in respect of the Springfields Hospital Staff, to the gentleman that met us on arrival and showed me to my room, to the nurses especially Hen, and Paul the student nurse and also everyone else involved. Including the after care team, I couldn’t of asked for more care and attention to detail. I had my first Breast Augmentation 10 years ago at Transform, and believe me by far you shone alot brighter in my eyes. I would definitely recommend Mr Tare to any of my friends and family, and if I was to have any further treatments I would choose Mr Tare again. Along with the procedure at the Springfields. I just wanted to show some recognition as I don’t think the biscuits and card was enough ?? Kind Regards

    Mrs Miller, Essex.

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    -An excellent surgeon and a lovely man, I can honestly say that Mr Tare has changed my life. I have always suffered with very low confidence, with my breast, not the size but, i grew up with underdevelopment meaning they grew tubular. I wasn’t looking for unnatural large breasts but I was looking for average teenage looking boobs, and with the help from Mr Tare and his excellent talent, he transformed the shape, and look to something I thought would never be possible. Thank you again

    Millie Essex

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    Having recently undergone a procedure with Mr Tare I cannot emphasise enough the professionalism of his team. The pre op information was extremely thorough and post op has been very supportive. Mr Tare and his secretary have been at the end of the phone at any time of day. The aftercare has been more than you could wish for.

    My results are amazing and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Tare to family and friends.

    AF, Essex

    -Breast Lift for improving the shape

    Dear Mr Tare

    Just a short letter to say I can’t thank you enough for the results of my surgery, which you performed on 27th May 2014. I am absolutely amazed with what you have been able to do. My breasts are perfect, exactly what I’d pick out of a magazine and unbelievable that you have been able to achieve this with what you had to work with, given that Transform had left them in a relative state following the removal of ruptured PIPs. Furthermore, I felt completely at ease, you were very kind and professional, as were all the staff at the hospital. Once again, thank you! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, and would be happy for you to pass my email on should anyone considering the same surgery wish to contact me. Yours sincerely.

    Nicola Essex.

    -Breast Augmentation and Uplift

    August 18, 2014

    -Just a few lines to thank you and your team for the excellent care following my tummy tuck operation. The operation has turned out to be a great success. Thank you for all you have done.


    -Abdominoplasty Experience

    -I express my personal thanks and gratitude for the brilliant job that Mr Tare has done to save my left hand; he not only rebuilt my hand, he gave me a second chance in life and saved my career….


    -Abdominoplasty Experience

    - Dr Tare, I can`t thank you enough. I feel so much more confident and my self esteem has already improved after the tummy tuck. Thank you very much for for your excellent work.


    -Abdominoplasty Experience

    -I had a Tummy Tuck in May 2011 and wanted to say thank you to Mr Tare for being so caring and how he has transformed my life. Now after being ashamed of my body for too long, I only wish I had heard about him sooner. I cannot thank him enough and his wonderful staff for their kindness and support. You meet lots of people in your life but I have never met such a man who is so sincere and dedicated to his patients.


    -Abdominoplasty Experience

    -Hi Mr Tare

    expectations, Thanks to Mr. Tare. Kind regards March 2013.

    Mrs K Essex.

    -Abdominoplasty Experience

    -Three weeks ago I underwent abdominoplasty and liposuction, which was a well-planned and executed surgery by Mr Makarand Tare. The results are amazing, and even though it’s only early days since the procedure, I am so pleased with how my body now looks, I cannot stop looking at myself in the mirror, which is something I dreaded doing before, for quite some time. Mr Tare is a highly professional surgeon and extremely nice person, who put me at ease throughout the initial consultation, the procedure, the aftercare and follow up appointments. Plastic surgery was something I had thought about for a long time, and I am so pleased I made the decision and went ahead, and has given results better than my expectations. I would not hesitate to go under Mr Tare’s care again – possibly a boob job to match my fantastic stomach.


    -Abdominoplasty Experience

    -Dear Mr Tare,

    Words can`t express my gratitude for the wonderful job you did on my arm. Thank you.


    -Arm Lift

    -Dear Mr Tare,

    -Dear Dr Tare, You are a star. Many thanks for making my hand useful and pain free. Now I look forward to use it with less breakages and spillages.


    -Thigh Lift

    -Dear Dr Tare

    Further to my recent surgery for liposuction to my thighs and knees, I am happy for you to use my testimonial on your website, but wish to remain anonymous. ‘Following recent surgery to have liposuction to my thighs and knees, I am delighted with the results. I have my knees back at last and can wear shorter length skirts without feeling extremely conscious of the size of my upper legs. I can fully recommend this procedure to anyone thinking of having this done and after barely two months the scarring is minimal. I just wish I had had this done ages ago!’ Kind regards

    K from essex.

    -Thigh Lift

    -Having been paranoid and very unhappy with the appearance of my ears for nearly all my adult life, I decided that I would very much like to consider having a pinnaplasty procedure done to improve my confidence. From the very first consultation, Mr Tare was professional, honest and straight-talking. I felt as if he wasn’t just saying what I wanted to hear and he made me aware of the realistic possibilities. I was able to have a very in-depth and varied discussion to clarify my and his expectations.The procedure itself was straight forward and my final consultation a week prior to the operation was informative and useful. Mr Tare made an effort to visit me after surgery and let me know that he was pleased with how it went and what to expect throughout the recuperation period. The bandages were removed two days ago and I am so happy with the results! Mr Tare could not have done a better job and he really listened to what I wanted. My ears look very natural still and you can’t even see the incision points behind the ear! I can now wear my hair up, go swimming etc without the constant worry of whether my ears are showing a lot. It has changed my life! Thank you Mr Tare.

    By Miss W.

    -My Pinnaplasty experience:

    -I am so extremely happy that I made the decision to see Mr. Tare. My prominent ears have knocked my self confidence my whole life, and now, just 3 months after deciding to go ahead and make the first step; I have had my surgery and couldn’t be happier with the results! From first contact right through to now, the team have been wonderfully helpful and supportive. I cannot recommend Mr. Tare , with the support of his fantastic secretary Michelle, enough. Thank you for everything,


    -My Pinnaplasty experience:

    -‘I have recently under gone gynaecomastia surgery with DR Makarand Tare. To any patient that’s considering plastic surgery of any sort, I’d highly recommend Dr Makarand Tare and his colleagues who work beside him based in Springfield hospital at Chelmsford, Essex. He went through every single detail of my operation and re assured me before I was to make any decision with no pressure. After 7 years living uncomfortable with how my body looked he has given me back my confidence and my life, I couldn’t thank him enough. An incredibly talented surgeon, definitely the man to go to. 10/10 for everything’. Thank you.

    JB Essex.

    -Gynaecomastia Experience:

    -Dear Mr Tare

    Thank you very much for successfully treating my Basal Cell Carcinoma on my forehead with non-surgical Cryotherapy. This minor procedure, although not entirely pain free and does take a few weeks to heal, the final results are smooth and scar free and I am very pleased with the treatment provided by Mr Tare.

    May 2013

    R. P. Essex

    -R. P. Essex

    -Dear Mr Tare,

    just to say thank you for the procedures you carried out in March which have given me a very pleasing and neat result. The operation went smoothly, the after care was good and the result will give me confidence in my appearance for the future.

    many thanks.

    TW Essex.

    - TW Essex.

    -Hello Mr Tare,

    I am writing to thank you for the care and support given me before, during and after my surgery. Throughout my time under your care I have felt truly supported and that you have answered any queries I have had promptly. I am very happy with the results of my surgery and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others who are considering either facelift or eyelid lift surgery. Thank you again. Kindest regards

    Mary, Essex.

    -Facelift Experience:

    -Dear Mr Tare

    -Dear Mr Tare, three weeks after my facelift surgery and what can I say? The results are truly miraculous and to say that they have exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. My ‘old’ face definitely was old: I looked tired and much older than I felt and actually was. Three weeks later and I look and feel twenty years younger. My jowls and saggy neck have gone and my jaw-line and profile is better than it ever was. I feel absolutely fantastic.Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, I feel that not only have you given me back my life, but you have given me back to my family.’ Best regards, PS Please don’t hesitate to share my comments with any prospective patients.

    MN (Essex).

    -Facelift Experience:

    –Dear Mr Tare

    -In September 2014 I had a Septorhinoplasty with Mr Tare. > The whole experience with Mr Tare was professional and excellently communicated. > Care was taken at every step to ensure I fully understood what was happening covering in detail the risks and likely outcomes. > The standard of care was excellent throughout, but most importantly the results were excellent. > Now six months from the operation my nose has healed extremely well and I have no visible signs of having an operation apart from a > slight reddening of scar tissue which is still healing just under the nose. > I would highly recommend him as a surgeon and would not hesitate to return to him if I needed any other procedures done.

    Lucy ,Essex.


    -Dear Mr. Tare & Mr. Maheshwar,

    I had Septorhinoplasty in June 2015, under supervision of Mr. Makarand Tare who performed Rhinoplasty and was accompanied by Mr. Arcot Maheshwar for the Septoplasty part. I am very happy with the results. Both Mr. Tare and Mr. Maheshwar were amazing right from the first consultation and explained everything to me and were honest about the expected outcome of surgery. They made me feel relaxed about everything and made sure I understood the procedure and what they were going to be doing. I had multiple problems with my nose including; breathing issues due to deviated septum, dorsal bump, high projection, and drooping nose tip. I am really pleased that all the problems have been taken care of and I can definitely feel extremely positive changes in my level of confidence. I would happily recommend both the surgeons to anyone planning to undergo nose surgery.

    Thanks & Kind Regards,

    Maria, Essex

    -My Rhinoplasty Experience:

    –Dear Mr Tare

    I had to have this operation as a consequence of a fall in November 2013 and was recommended to see Mr. Tare.

    Pre op appointments I found him to be extremely courteous, explaining in great detail what the operation entailed with the help of little drawings, this helped me understand the process of the operation more clearly. Consultations were never rushed and he was always very approachable. Photos were taken of the before procedure. On the day of the operation Mr. Tare came to see me and my partner, again explaining the procedure and to make sure I was clear/happy about the operation. It was a 4 hour operation and I was very bruised for a 10days. The after care from Mr. Tare was again excellent, coming to visit me a day after the operation. Any problems or questions post op there was always a member of his staff to help, for example I had to have my dressing on the nose re-dressed as it had become loose and was seen the same day as I phoned, during the nurse’s lunch hour. After 10days the stitches were removed by Mr. Tare himself with after operation photos taken. I have just recently had my 6month final check up with Mr. Tare and all progressing satisfactorily, again more photos were taken and I can see how well the operation has been. All in all I whole -heartedly recommend Mr. Tare for this operation if required, it is a traumatic operation but he made the whole experience bearable and less frightening’.

    Lady Essex

    -Lady Essex

    -Dear Mr Tare

    Just a quick note to explain my happiness after my Septo-Rhinoplasty procedure, not only can I breathe though both nostrils now, I have a completely straight nose minus a hump and smaller projection. The pre-consultations and the procedure itself were arranged with efficiency, and I have experienced no problems whatsoever with my aftercare which has been fantastic. Mr Tare’s expertise, detailed explanations and knowledge gave me the courage to go ahead with this procedure. To say I am pleased and grateful would be an understatement.

    Thank you

    Lewis, Essex

    -Lewis, Essex

    Dear Mr Tare

    Thank you so much for my ‘NEW NOSE’!! I wish now that I had come to see you 10 years ago! I am so thrilled with the result already.–

    Lisa Essex.

    –Rhinoplasty Experience

    March 12, 2019

    -Dear Mr Makarand Tare

    ‘I would like to thank you for the great work that you did on my knee. From the initial consultation to our last meeting I felt very comfortable and confident that what you said you was going to do was exactly what you done and I am very happy with the results. I am still in recovery but I am confident that the scar will be less noticeable in a few more months. Once again thank you for the Great work.‘

    Carl, Essex

    –Carl, Essex