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    Upper Eyelid Reduction Surgery, Essex

    Wrinkling and drooping of the upper eyelids is one of several classic motivations for patients to seek corrective surgery; also some patients may experience obstructed vision when glancing upward.

    How does this condition occur?

    Like most excess/loose skin conditions, this usually results from increasing laxity of upper eyelid skin with ageing – and from downward descent of the brow.

    What does the surgery involve?

    Correction of upper eyelid can be carried out under local anaesthetic – or under general anaesthetic as part of another procedure. Most patients can have this done as a day procedure.

    What is the standard postoperative care?

    Following this procedure there is significant bruising and swelling of the upper eyelids, which normally fades in a fortnight. Removal of sutures takes place as an outpatient a few days following the operation, and will be further reviewed a week after the operation.

    How long off work?

    You will usually be able to return to work within a week or two of the operation.

    How long do I need to be in hospital?

    You will generally need one night in hospital after this operation.

    What are the complications of this procedure?

    Like any surgical procedure, this procedure may (rarely) have complications such as bleeding, haematoma (blood clot underneath the skin), infection, visible scar and asymmetry. A very few patients may require a small secondary revision procedure, but this is uncommon (less than 5% of patients).