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    Hand Surgery, Essex

    Mr Tare has developed his skills in the challenging world of reconstructive microsurgery for the upper and lower limb.

    1. Mak Specialises in the management of Arthritis involving small joints of the hand. He visited Austria to learn the art of base of thumb joint replacement with an advanced prosthesis. The majority of his patients are delighted with the range of pain-free movements regained following the joint replacement.

    2. Peripheral nerve decompression i.e Carpal tunnel decompression, Cubital tunnel, and Gouyan`s canal decompression.

    3. Trigger finger and Ganglion excision.

    4. Dupuytren’s disease (a fixed flexion contracture of the hand where the fingers bend towards the palm and cannot be fully straightened): primary and recurrent disease.

    5. Rheumatoid /Osteoarthritis of hand and deformities correction.

    6. MCPJ, PIPJ, and CMC joints replacements.

    7. Tendon transfers and tendon rebalancing procedures.

    8. Congenital hand deformities, which includes joined fingers, excess fingers/thumbs, absent thumbs/fingers, and cleft hands.

    9. Correction of spastic hands, tetraplegia, and post-stroke hand deformities.

    10. Peripheral nerve surgery including secondary nerve reconstruction.

    11.Complex microvascular reconstruction of the hand including toe to thumb/finger transfer, vascularised joints transfer, and pulp transfer.

    12. Vascular malformations in the upper limb.

    13. Small joints ( MCPJ/PIPJ) arthroscopy.

    14. Primary and Secondary reconstruction of tendons, bone, and nerves. Mak Tare works very closely with a team of specialist hand therapists in private hospitals. All patients are seen by Physiotherapists for an appropriate splint and exercise regime. Patients are seen at the weekly intervals to monitor their progress. Patients are expected to follow the instructions for wound cleaning and exercise regime sincerely. A painful, stiff, and swollen finger can jeopardize the outcome following a successful surgery. Patients are encouraged to move their fingers with painkiller medication to reduce the swelling as per the exercise protocols.